Keruberosu: |KF| -Keldran would feel it coming down easier thanks to the help of other hands. It noteworthy long sleeve blue and white shirt was once again on his person and he smiled seeing the maid come back in and go to hand her the glass. Once she took it the maid would leave the room completely. Keldran would place his hand on the top of her head and smirked. “Oi, don’t worry you didn’t hurt me to bad I’ll be ok. Hey anyways we should head back to the training field. I need to learn chakra flow and you seem to know what you’re doing. Lets get moving.” He took her hand and headed out his room with her instead and promptly out the manor once outside he let go over her hand as they walked through the streets.- |KF|

VerinChan: Kaylee nodded and followed him as they went towards the fields walking through the street she smiled with the brightness of the day.

DivineZiel: -As the sun was high and the streets were booming with business, a young man by the name of Ded Lee. Already walking through the streets in his usual attire of orange pants, a black overskirt, black shinobi issued sandals, his konoha headband tied around his right thigh and bandages covering his abdomen and hands up to his forehead with some bandages around his forehead. Dark blue hair gleamed off of the sunlight as the wind tossed it back and forth a bit with the extra hair that didn't go into the ponytail and the ponytail itself. Smiling brightly as always, he didn't seem to be training at the moment which was unusual however, he felt like just going and meeting people around the village. Saying hi and hello to each passing citizen, he offered them a bright smile as he would come to a specific street that had one of his favorite places to eat. Sniffing the air as he smelled the perfect aroma of meat in the air with different herbs and spices, Ded would exhale deeply with a bit of drool leaving his mouth. Noticing such, he wiped it away quick however, he was already full from his meal earlier and figured he'd get some on the way back from training. Instead of going to the grounds he normally trained at where not a lot of people went, he figured he'd go to one a bit more used by others. Just then though Ded noticed the blue hair of one of his friends in the crowd. He didn't even need to see his face to know that it was Keldran as he then began to run through the crowd towards him. Finally being a few feet away, Ded would jump into the air after a clearing of people came across just at the perfect moment while he put his right leg out, going for a kick to him as he yelled "HIIIIIIIII!" More than likely the kick wasn't going to be successful and if it wasn't, Ded would finally hit the ground as he tumbled along it for a bit and then slammed his back and the back of his head into a stall, having the wooden piece shake as the owner of it yelled out "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!"-

VerinChan: Kaylee walked into the streets With K-Kun. Her eyes would look over to him every once and a while just to make sure he was still okay in fact she was the one that hurt him. She felt bad still like an aching pain in her heart. She lifted her arm slowly her elbow bending slightly as her gloved fingers spread open. On their way up the gloves made a slight squeak due to the leather, the jacket slipped down her forearm revealing her tiny arms. She gripped into her net shirt some of her fingers slipping into the holes her pinky out she pulled on it slightly. It was the pain in her heart the pain that she had hurt an ally and her friend. Golden orbs stared down at the ground admiring the dust and dirt and the footprints of the people previous to walking, how her own would fill theirs or her own boots would smudge over theirs. Her other hand went to go grab his hand so she could apologize. She turned her head her golden brown hair whipped around her small torso as she admired his features. “K-…” She was cut short by the sound of someone yelling a high pitched under developed male… And his voice projected down at hers, so he was either tall or mid air… seeming as how young the voice sounded he was younger. The corner of her eyes spotted him and she gently bumped Keldran out of the way with her shoulder bumping into his. This would send him about 2-3 feet over as Kaylee gripped the ground under her and pulled up a wall… earth style earth wall… a technique she had been working on and decided to give it a test. The boy would kick this wall instead of the store owner. The wall would quickly disintegrate as Kaylee had not perfected the technique just yet. She gasped a bit for air as a strand of her perfect hair fell in front of her shoulder she looked down at the boy her hands down at her knees, this boy looked like literally no threat. He was even wearing a skirt. Kaylee blinked golden orbs looking down at him. “Oh Hello there” Her gloved tiny hand slipped out of her large jacket sleeves and reached out for him. “I am sorry about that, you just startled me.” She giggled tilting her head to the side her eyes closed in her smile. Her plump pink lips gave a polite Kedoin smile. A soft wind pushed over the area as people watched the event take place staring at the three-some. Whispered began to ensue amongst the crowd and Kaylee did her best to ignore them. ‘A Kedoin, ?’ ‘Is that Kaylee Kedoin?’ ‘She’s not supposed to be a ninja?’ ‘I thought her mother stopped her?’ Kaylee tried her best to ignore them but that sinking feeling in her heart returned and she wanted so hard to cry but forced her own tears back down her own throat and swallowed them hard. Her golden eyes opened again for the boy a bit puffy but nothing noticeable unless you were looking for it. The Kedoin was just being polite and protected her knew friend. Hopefully the two routie boys knew each other, that this was all a misunderstanding because if not she was putting her hand out and becoming vulnerable for an enemy. However he did say hi and attacked a KID in broad daylight. If you could call them kids, regular kids never chose this path… only the true of heart which she knew the gossipers of the village would never get.

DivineZiel: -As he was already in a flying kick form going towards Keldran, he then watched the girl that was next to him bump him out of the way while out of nowhere, a wall random fly up from the ground. Yelling at he broke his kick form, he would smash into the wall while he slid down it and right onto his ass with the large piece of earth disintergrating. Pushing himself up by his elbow while he rubbed his face slowly with his free hand. It was red and hurt a bit but it wasn't anything to whimper about. As he would raise his eyes, he would then say in response to her 'Oh hello there', "Why ya gotta do me like that?" Rubbing his face a bit more, he noticed that he hand was out while he then heard her words and shrugged "It's all good! I'm fine!" Pulling his hand away from his face, it could be seen that he had a smile on his lips with his pearly whites showing as he then went to reach out for her hand however, he began to hear the whispers from the people around. His right brow would raise as he then kept listening until he would push himself up by himself and looked to everyone around and said "OI! WHY YA TALKIN' ABOUT HER?!" His happy mood turned to a bit of an angry one because of how they were talking, even if it wasn't completely bad to his ears, he was able to tell it on her face that it was her they were talking about and he just guessed. Looking to everyone, he would merely then say "If you're going to talk shit, say it out loud or not at all. Ye' fucking snakes!" After saying so, he would turn to the girl he guessed was Kaylee and helped her stand up fully until he then saw Keldran and said "Hey, man!" Smiling to him, he'd grab Kaylee by the shoulder and began to escort her over to him and grabbed him by his shoulder with his other hand and merely walked through the crowd, pushing people out of the way. After his words to them all, they began to whisper about him instead and he only ignored them because he'd rather them talk about him than someone else, especially if there's ill intent in it. He didn't even know this girl however, she was with Keldran and that's his friend, so she's his friend! After a bit of time from walking away from the situation towards a close training ground, he would let go over their shoulders as he went to Keldran's left side and walked beside them and said "It's nice to meet ya, Kaylee. If that is your name, if it isn't, I'm sorry for guessing but, if you are Kaylee, they had no right to talk like that when you're right there. But don't worry about that, anytime, just come get me and I'll either beat 'em up or just make them talk about me!" He didn't really care about his image to everybody else as much as he cared for the feelings of others. Hell, maybe the entire thing he did wasn't needed however, he felt like it was and it was already done with. Patting Keldran's back, he'd ask "So, what's up?" While he smiled brightly.-

Keruberosu: |KF| -One second they were just normally walking beside one another and then the next second he heard some screaming from behind them and he was caught off guard naturally so when something pushed him to the side he would fall to the left and roll so he didn’t smash face first into the ground. So once this happened he would roll on his back and turn to look at where Kaylee and the yelling person had went only to notice a earth style wall being summoned right in the middle of a whole bunch of people. On-lookers and normal people walking stopped and witnessed what was going on and once the wall began to fall off and de-form into smaller chunks out appeared his teammate. He would stand up at that moment with a blank smile on his face and he’d walk over to the two while Ded talked to Kaylee and he proceeded to bring down his closed fist onto Ded’s head and he yelled. “IDIOT! ATLEAST SAY MY NAME FIRST YOU BLOCKHEAD” In true anime fashion is mouth turned all dagger and his eyes grew large as hell as he yelled at Ded. He couldn’t stay mad at him for long though so It was all for naught in the end anyways. “Heyo man its been a few days, how have you been.” But this sentence would be lost in translation since Ded would begin to scream at the townsfolk around them for I guess harassing or talking ill of Kaylee normally this was his job but it was nice to see someone ballsy like himself for a change so he just stood there. Hand on his katana’s hilt in case anyone got froggy and felt the need to leap. But they only on-looked and stayed quiet for the most back. Now they walked shoulder to shoulder for a little bit until Keldran would force Ded to the side forcefully. “Mate, learn distance, DISTANCE. Space of personal, Personal space. God” Keldran would smile and laugh only making a helpful suggestion, ok maybe somewhat forceful. “Kaylee meet Ded he’s on my squad. He’s a pretty cool dude and is in crazy shape.” So while they all walked an talked (10 minutes pass) They would all once again end up in training field 2 it still having the battle scars from yesterday when Keldran and Kaylee fought for the first time. Dents in the earth, blood and tools littered the field and more. So once there Keldran would sit with his legs crossed and he closed his eyes he took a deep breath and began to show what he’s learned so far. He began by straining the core of his chakra and began to push the chakra outwards into the network but because he was very refined heavy blankets of his emerald green chakra began to flare off his back and stomach areas. Keldran would relax his pose and restart this time remembering the lesson of moving it like a waters current, naturally but efficient and now it looked smoother as it began to inch and inch down starting from the top of his shoulder.- |KF|

VerinChan: Kaylee smiled bright at the boy named Ded Lee,”Nice to meet you too.” She heard him stand u for her and her eyes widened a bit and her pink lips parted in a gentle o shape. She was shocked, she was surprised… she was rather impressed and she felt tears well in her eyes again but she tried her very best to swallow and choke them down. ‘no Kalyee don’t cry in front of them don’t let them see your tears…’ She though to her self and smiled brightly. She was happy, so quickly she had just made another friend and a ninja at that. Someone else she could also hope to fight along side and protect and create awesome combos with. She noticed however how Keldran and Ded’s relationship insued. It slightly surprised her as she observed. She watched them she didn’t have any siblings and neither did her parents… She observed how they hit each other how they were lt was interesting is that how boys were. She liked Seeing Keldran so happy like that so natural she loved how he was with her friends. She laughed at their casual comedy and followed close watching him needing his space from Ded Lee she took a step apart hopefully not intruding. Soon after they walked she just listened to them catch up lost in her own thoughts. Her eyes traveled to the sky staring at the clouds so poofy. She then got to the training field her eyes scanned the area seeing the remains of their battle and it made her heart hurt. She gripped onto her shirt again her pinky finger slipping into one of the holes of her net mesh top. She pulled her left hand up and tucked some hair behind her ears. She began to collect the left over weapons and looked at the rest of them. “He-…” She saw him trying to do something…. Keldran. “hey are what are you doing…” She motioned to him and his concentration. Since she couldn’t see his chakra she just gathered information from his appearance. The way he was looking at. Maybe he was thinking? Maybe he was upset about the wound she left him? Maybe he was doing something with chakra? Maybe he had to fart? She really didn’t even know… She was lost she looked over at Ded Lee to see if he could help out motioning her free hand to him.

DivineZiel: -Rubbing his head as he was hit on the head, he would yell "OWWWW!" as he then laughed and everything else went on until when they were walking, Keldran pushed Ded to the side a bit and he heard what he said while he then said "OKAAYYYYY! Chill, dragon!" Shaking his head he'd chuckle again while then ended up at the training field in about ten minutes. Seeing the field messed up with tools and stuff everywhere, he would then watch Kaylee begin to pick up the tools while he had already began to help her with such until he went to stand up and looked over to Keldran. Seeing him sit there, he would squint as he then said "OI! YA SLEEPIN' OR SOMETHING?" Thinking about how wonderful a full night's sleep would be right around now, he only then kept picking up the tools as he would then walk over to Kaylee and even missed her hand moving. After he collected the tools that Kaylee didn't get to, he would walk over to Kaylee and asked "Since you were picking them up, where do ya want them?" Just as he said so, he would take a single step to the side to double check to see what Keldran was doing now, if he even moved. As his foot came down, he would step onto a makibishi as he would then yell "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" rather loud as he lifted his foot and hopped on the other and begged "TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT PLEASE!" Still hopping in front of Kaylee, he would have his leg lifted high enough and the bottom of his foot towards her to where she could easily take it out. Some of the tools her held fell to the ground as he waited for her to take it out.-

Keruberosu: |KF| -Keldran was focusing and NOW to the noticeable eye they could now see his emerald chakra flaring off his shoulder and it continued to keep down his arm becoming larger and stronger. The small area around him began to up heave some grass and scatter soiled lifted into the ground due to his focus and chakra erupting from his core and trying to focus it into single part of his body. Keldran had a volatile chakra nature it was very hard to control it especially since he was fairly un-advanced in Ninjutsu so using chakra is hardly strong suit he is mainly used to sword combat. Even though Kaylee called out to him his focus was so strong her voice was only sounding like a muffle behind a metal door in comparison his emerald green chakra flared large and in bigger lumps concaving off his arms and fading into the air. His face completely tense and his forehead showing noticeable sweat droplets. Keldran began to noticeable make a sound almost one of raw anger and power now his power or rather chakras intensity could be felt within a small range so the others around him would surely turn their attention to him. He took a single knee and held his right arm with his left and the volatile chakra almost completely covered his right arm he was so close to feeling it in his post and that’s when Ded screamed and the scream broke through his concentration and his flow was disrupted and all that chakra was slurped back into his core and he fall onto his ass and his breath became heavy from the strain and he finally laid on his back and looked up at the sky. “Goddamnit, this is way to hard, it feels like my chakra is just to heavy, too much. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.” He would then sit back up and look to Ded and yell out. “You ok mate?!” - |KF|

VerinChan: Kaylee had picked up most of the tools and when she noticed Keldran wasn’t responding she began to organize the tools. From category left to right, Kunai, Shuriken and Makibishi. She looked at them nodding in satisfaction she chewed her lower lip and gave a firm nod simultaneously with an approving grunt. She Then stood up again, as she was about to turn the corner of her eyes picked up on the change in Keldran. She blinked seeing the green aura… Chakra… she thought to herself watching him seriously. She was slightly distracted she didn’t hear Ded Lee speak to her. Her lips parted as he took a knee, she watching him carefully her eyes watching his body, to make sure he didn’t hurt himself with the Chakra. Just as she was able to see what he was doing Ded Lee shouted out in agony. Her eyes widened as her lips parted and she shot her head back to him. Her hair whipped around her body wrapping around the other side of him. She blinked looking down at his foot and she hissed knowing that pain, but his was on the bottom of his foot. She caught him so he wouldn’t fall. Her arms slipped underneath the armpits her small hands curling to grip his biceps and laid him down and scurried around to the other side of him she examined the foot and shushed him gently. “Be quiet.”S he bit the glove of her index finger pulling it off as the leather hung grom her teeth she used her perfect nails and in a split of a second she grabbed the source of pain and pulled it from his foot. She carefully put it in her pouch where she saw her cream from earlier and pulled it out getting some on her soft two fingers. “Okay calm down… “ She pulled off his shoe. She smeared the cream with healing properties over it the cream solidified in a rubbery texture acting like skin tissue until his own would heal and push the rubbery substance out like a plug. She smiled and whipped her hand on the ground and slowly placed her glove back on. “You’re going to be fine big baby.” She giggled. “Especially if you focus chakra in that area, use it to your advantage it’ll heal lickety split.” She giggled titing her head putting his shoe back on for him and standing up slowly and placing one hand on her knee and the other reaching out for him like how they first met. “Cmon you’re okay now get up.” She had mentioned something she knew about Chakra control… she was rather talented in it… ninjutsu was after all her specialty. She was hoping Keldran would ask her for some tips. If not she didn’t want to intrude. But she also wanted to share as much as she could with him.

DivineZiel: -Right before he stepped on the tool, he saw the green chakra coming off of Keldran but that's when it happened. As he yelled in pain, he would see Kaylee try to catch him as she did and she laid him down. Hearing Keldran in the distance while Kaylee spoke to him a bit and went to inspect his foot, he said loudly "Fuckin makibishi or something!" as he said so, he felt the little fuck be pulled from his foot as the relief started coming in. From there he heard Kaylee telling him to calm down, he then felt his sandal being pulled off while she then put some type of cream or something on the small wound. As he heard her tell him that he was going to be fine and what she called him, he would chuckle as he then nodded to her suggestion and merely had his sandal put back on and watched her stand up. As he pushed himself up a bit, he grabbed her hand and let her help him up while he then got up and stepped onto his foot as he then looked to the tools she placed down. Walking over to them, he was a bit embarrassed as he then started putting each tool with their respectful ones since she had them lined together. As he was doing so, he would say to Kaylee "Thank you. My feet aren't that tough yet, so it hurt more than it should've." He'd then look to Keldran as he said "Oi, was that chakra that was around you?" After asking, he had finished putting the tools all together while he then only stood up completely and stretched. Still listening to either of them if they spoke towards him, he would walk to a good amount of clear space in the field as he would then drop down to the ground instantly and pushed his hands into the soil. His legs got close together while the balls of his feet and his toes pushed into the dirt as well while he would lower himself down, only to begin pushing himself up. After the first five, he would begin to do them in a faster pace. The pushups were a good exercise for him to do if anything and all he wanted to do was train so he could become stronger and he was glad that he wasn't by himself like usual. Smiling while he did them, he was counting each one, even if someone spoke to him and he spoke back, he was able to keep count.-

Keruberosu: |KF| -While sitting up he would look over to the two of them and speak. “Yeah that was my chakra; I’ve been having a damn hard time controlling my chakra. Flowing it and augmenting things in general is super frustrating.” He took a short pause and noticed she took care of him with a medical cream and then spoke again while laughing somewhat nervously. “Oi Ded sorry about that, it was probably one of my Makibishi from yesterday, me and Kaylee fought here and I used those near the end of the fight to toss at her. Sorry you became a SLIGHT casualty of war.” He now turned to Kaylee and continued to speak, “Oi Kaylee I noticed you were fairly good at augmenting chakra and flowing it around your body. Do you mind helping me learn? I’m not doing so hot as you can see it takes a lot of focus and eventually all that focus saps a lot of energy just for me to even come close to even encircling just my arm. I’d appreciate it a lot.” At the end of his sentence all the words rolled of his tongue genuinely. Now once again Keldran would take a deep breath he tried to empty his mind of all negativity and just leave himself in a balanced state of mind. Now once again he took the chakra from his core and motion it outside into the vast chakra network and it started near the start of the shoulder. It wasn’t seeable at the moment but he was doing a lot better at this rate compared to other attempts he felt it reaching towards his elbow and now this is where he began to feel his control fault and become shaky. It once again becoming somewhat explosive again flaring off his arm and he began to sweat and show noticeable physical strain on his arm.- |KF|

VerinChan: Kaylee smiled at the two of them. “Well I am no master of Chakra control and in fact I struggle with it a lot, like a lot a lot… My sensei and I are learning a B rank jutsu and it’s hard… Oh! Lee you saw it earlier the Earth Wall Jutsu, It’s actually supposed to be much much much!!! Bigger and not supposed to crumble like that until I say so. But Anyways back to the topic! I struggle with it to, but I found something that often helps me learn faster.” She paused and put her hand out in front of her. “For me it was always easier to put chakra into my hands because I can look right at my hands and I feel like I have more control, most of my jutsu’s I’ll do with my hands… But, pushing it to other parts is a bit tricky… Some times to help you can touch that part of you. Like for example. I want my arm to have more chakra in it… “ She touched her arm.” It helps me focus my chakra…It’s like you cant really feel your chakra, but its like pushing some kind of energy within you that flows into your arm.” She chewed her lower lip. “Well okay then um… two big important things!” She put up two fingers. “You have cool swords right? That can be a focal point… And you … um what ever your main tool is, you can like focus on that part. SO the two big points I use are ENVISION what EXACTLY YOU want your chakra to do… and straight up focus on it… It’s hard but once the repetition kicks in, it’s like… muscle memory! So repetation for a move pertaining to chakra control is really important… then you wont have to focus so hard and exhaust yourself. Then your moves wont be late. Because your body already knows what you’re trying to do!” She paused looking at there face. “Does that make sense?”

DivineZiel: -As Ded would merely chuckle to him being apart of this 'war' Keldran spoke of, he would continue what he was doing while his pushups would become faster while hearing Keldran and Kaylee talk in the background. Closing his eyes, he would keep lowering himself and lifting up as he counted. At this point, he was already up to a good thirty from how fast he was going. He was taught by Marshal to always go fast on them and not to give up even when the burning sensation came to the muscles. From there, Ded would only continue as he pushed, lowered, pushed, lowered, pushed, lowered. Throughout the entire conversation and what the other two would do, he'd make sure to listen if someone was talking to him however, he was focused on his training. Becoming the best was going to take a lot of work and he was fine with just that. His goal for the pushups alone were a good set of one hundred fifty or maybe two hundred. If he decided to go on more after he reached the first goal, he'd continue to the second. His muscles flexed as they were already in the destruction and rebirth cycle and it was motivating to be able to do such a thing with his friend and new found one around. It inspired him to work even harder than usual because they were obviously working on their own things and he wanted to keep up.-

Keruberosu: |KF| -He would nod and listen to all her words, taking in the tips about maybe just taking it directly to the arm first. Focusing on the sole body part above everything else, possibly making my swords the vocal point of the flowing and he agreed. He looked up to the sky and could only half smile before he stood his expression changing somewhat and he turned and began to trail off. “Hey I thank you guys a lot for hanging out today and for all the advice. But im not feeling to hot I’m going to head home now, you guys take it easy now. He released all his chakra flow and began to slowly walk away from the training field back towards the road in town until he vanished.- |KF|

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