Time Alter: True Sight
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Jutsu Effects

The user percieves the outside world moving at a slown down rate through an intricate process in which the user’s perception is accelerated together with the mental processing of visual information gained this way. This means that to the user’s perception, everything’s movement decreases, while in reality everything, including the user, proceeds to move at normal speed: a second is still a second, but to the user’s perception a second will merely last longer as if it were 'streched' out. (This only bends the user's perception in real time, meaning it doesn’t allow the user to see into the future.) .

The user is still limited by his physical body as normal. This means that even though he might see a attack happening in slow-motion his body might still not be fast enough to respond in real-time.

The effect of this jutsu is lessened against objects moving at extremely high speeds. Rather than seeing such objects move slowly they are percieved to move at normal speeds: which is still far less than extreme speeds thus True Sight allows the user to follow such High-speet objects far better than a normal person could.


Heightened Perception that 'stretches' out seconds to the user's perception

Accelerated processing of information gained through the heightened perception

Makes for a powerful combination with Accel


Continuous use (More than 1/2 posts in a row) will lead to immense headaches > migraines, and eventually will force the user to accept passing out. If fighting off the sensation to pass out, the user’s brain wil overload and shutdown leading to a permanent death.

The user's body has to be fast enought to keep up with what he/she sees, or the technique can become useless.


  • This technique’s designated Field is located around the users skull rather than the outside world as might be assumed at first glance.
  • This technique is very much like bullet time as seen in The Matrix.
  • When not moving fast by means such as Accel, the user would logically percieve his own body as if it were moving in bullet time just like everything else that he sees.
  • When combined with Accel, True Sight completely negates side-effects such as tunnel vision; this, combined with the increased processing of visual information, allows the user to temporarily interact with the surrounding world as if he were moving around normally while actually doing so at extreme speeds faster than most eyes can dream to follow. The resulting effect when using something like Square Accel is similar to Quicksilver (X-men) as seen in this [ Video]

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