Time Alter: Time Wall
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A wall that is barely visible like glass and composed of an ethereal mist like substance. All inanimate objects/sources passing through the wall, 3 yards high and 4 yards wide, are slowed down to 50% while passing through the 1ft thick wall and regain half of their lost speed when coming out. This means that aside from slowing down, things like energy beams and fire blasts are streched out and weakened when passing through the wall. Everyone can see these inanimate objects moving twice as slow, whether inside or outside the dome. At each rank beyond C-Rank Shinobi, height of the wall increses by 0.75 yards and the width by 1 yard. If the Opponent’s Ninjutsu score is two points higher than that of the user, the Time Wall will shatter. If the Opponents Ninjutsu score is one point higher than that of the user, the Time Wall will crack at the first try and break on the second. Non-Chakra based inanimate objects can’t break the time wall. Inanimate objects such as shuriken which are surrounded by Wind/Lightning Chakra flow can’t break the time wall, but will regain all of their lost speed when coming out of the Time Wall.


Slows down ranged attacks.


A user of Time Alter may only have one "Field" active, outside of his/her body, at any given time.

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