Team Seika
EnglishTeam Seika
Basic Information
LeadersSeika Sarutobi
MembersHitomi Hyuga

Ikime Nara

Yukiusagi Ōdōtai
Team Jutsu
In creation

Team Seika at its simplest description is a group of unique skill sets. With everyone seeming to have different fighting styles, its almost like we make up for every aspect of weakness. We are a full team... With the most interesting personalities.


So far the team has had many changes with teammates, furthering their development. After passing chunin exams, Hitomi Hyuga is now the Chunin leader for team Seika. Leaving us with Yuki who is still fighting to become stronger and a newbie senju. Who knows what will come next for the all female team.


The team is able to express themselves in different ways. So a specific team wardrobe is not our style.


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