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Jutsu HistoryEdit

Ded began to make this jutsu after his practice with learning ninjutsu and chakra as a whole. With the development of him doing so, he found his chakra nature of Fire and was taught by Kinshi Senju within the mountains how to control and utilize chakra as well as ninjutsu to where Ded would then set out his time to create his own jutsu, after he came back from the mountains and returned to Konoha.

Jutsu EffectsEdit

This jutsu is only activated after the user flows fire chakra through the thumb and any finger chosen. At that point the user snaps their fingers, sending out a wild amount of fire however, it looks small for the start off yet once it makes physical contact with anything, it erupts into a large, powerful blast of fire.


  • Can deal high amounts of damage. (It'd be as if you'd take a Great Fireball head on.)
  • When it explodes/erupts, it holds some concussive force behind it.


  • It burns the user's fingers little by little with each use.
  • When this jutsu is used, it is shot out in a straight line.
  • Once it reaches about 20 feet from the user or doesn't hit anything, the flame flickers out and does not create the blast.
  • When the flame is shot out, it moves at the speed of a fast projectile.

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