Rebirth of Shinobi, otherwise known as R.S or even RoS, is an online role-play that comes from from imvu. It is based on the world of Naruto, a popular manga series made by Masashi Kishimoto. For the sake of role-play, changes have been made to the world to help make it unique and open for everyone. The idea is that there is no actual Naruto, but the village and clan he comes from still remains. This means is that there are no canon characters and there is a different story, however the world and its structure remains intact.

Recent Changes

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Important Pages

These are all of the most relevant pages, the first of which is essential for reading for those who are new to the role-play or are in the process of making a new character.

How to get Started

R.S Characters

A list of all the registered characters that are active in the role-play.

R.S Graveyard

A list of all the fallen warriors that have served in R.S in the past.