RoS, also known as Rebirth of Shinobi, is an online roleplay that holds its origins from imvu. Its based on the world of Naruto, a popular manga series made by Masashi Kishimoto. However, for the sake of RP and so on, here at RoS we've made changes to the world to help make it unique and open for everyone. The overall idea is that there is no actual Naruto, but the village and clan he comes from still remains and maintains what they were. What this means is that there are no canon characters and there is a different story, however the world and its structure remains generally intact

Recent ChangesEdit

Important: For returning roleplayers with pre-existing characters, changes have been made to the Shinobi Information page. It is essential that you read it over as these changes will affect how you RP to some degree. There are some that aren't mentioned or noted on the page, which you can already see just below this text.

  • The rule regarding the training of chakra flow is nullified, because of that those who have trained for it now have 3 free sessions to put into different jutsu (1 B-rank, 3 C-rank; etc). Additionally, because of the change regarding sessions of training for C-rank jutsu, everyone has an additional free session to use with the 3 others.
  • An official ruling has been made on all unranked canon jutsu which can be found in the revised Limited Jutsu page. If any of your jutsu have been affected by this, contact an admin.
  • Training sessions no longer have a specific length, however we expect you to still put effort into whatever you work on.
  • Having and frequently using Discord - Is a group requirement.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, or anything else, you can ask Keruberosu, FunnyValentine, and RamenNoodlesSoup

Important PagesEdit

This is a list of important pages that new and returning members can look over to learn, reference, and find other uses for in the roleplay.

Roleplay PagesEdit

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