Raging Demon (瞬獄殺 Shun Goku Satsu, "Flash Prison Murder" or "Blinking Prison Killer")
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Jutsu History

The concept of this ultimate move of Satsui No Hado was developed by Lil B during his departure from the village as he sought power beyond that of anyone in the world after watching his allies fall on the first Arc swearing to never let it happen again.

Jutsu Effects

When performed, the user of the Satsui no Hado would hand themselves over entirely to the killing intent, launching a series of deadly strikes in a moment. Historically, those that had used this technique had been unable to resist the potency of the killing intent and were consumed by it, their minds reduced to that of violent, beast-like berserkers. While the executed attack is a brutal onslaught of merciless fury, the basis of the attack is said to be linked to karmic forces drawn from the influence of the Satsui no Hado, channeling an infernal punishment in which the weight of sins and evil the victim has committed attacks their soul.  


It is almost unavoidable due to the quickness in which it is executed along with the users physical power and killing intent make it a sure kill move. The attack also infiltrates the victims karmic being inflicting damage to the soul based on the weight of sins and evil the victim has committed in their life. The more wrongdoing the more the soul will be eaten away.


While immensely powerful, this attack cannot work on artificial life forms or people who lack souls.

All 8 Gates must opened to perform this instant kill move.

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