Acquisition & History

Masaru is the only one to posses this jutsu and there never was any other than his now dead comrade who was also a member of A.N.G.E.L.

Trivia: His now dead comrade used it as a reflecting bubble during battle with Keldran, Ded and Kei.

Said comrade died in battle with the Konoha Shinobi during Arc 1, having been mind controlled by the Akatsuki he still proved a mighty adversary even though he couldn't fight at full potential. A true prodigy, one could say, due to his ability to create a protective 'bubble' powerful enough to ward off nearly anything, and his ability to control countless of individual objects.

Masaru, however, is no such prodigy although still skilled in his own way he'd never be capable of such vector manipulation.

The name of the fallen comrade, and his personal history with Masaru is still a great secret.


The Kekkai Genkai revolves around the creation of wind vectors; that manipulate wind and boost it with additional force of raw motion.

Due to the wind vectors, the user doesn't rely on tools such as fans, or explosive expelling of wind chakra from the hands or mouth. Instead, the user only needs to perform the prerequisite handseals in order to be able to create wind anywhere there is air. This also allows the user to contain and compress wind within a certain area, done through opposing vectors, or create a storm of chaotic winds that seemingly come out of nowhere and vanish again, done through randomly appearing and disappearing vectors.

Wind manipulated through wind vectors is empowered by a normally invisible force of momentum that represent the wind vectors. This force is seen only by those who can see chakra such as certain sensors and dojutsu. These special cases can clearly see that the wind manipulated through vectors is whiter and brighter than regular wind nature jutsu, due to the presence of bright sparkling particles. These particles are the actual physical representation of vector chakra and the more of these particles are present, the more power is being applied through vector manipulation. (Masaru’s fallen comrade was such a special case that even his regular wind release jutsu were completely consumed by the sparkling presence wind vector chakra; seemingly without so much as a handseal or thought committed to it.).

-The Kekkei Genkai also allows for one to add the power of wind vectors to basic wind release jutsu.

-The closer the user is to the vectors, the more effective they are.

-Wind Vectors themselves have no marker apart from causing the air to mildly distort, for a short moment, directly around where they first appear.

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