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The Katana of Ikime Nara

The Katana of Ikime is from his adopted father He found this Katana in a shed after polishing it and sharpening it again with a wet stone it became Ikime's most priced object. He never used it but its always around his belt. He takes care of it as good as he can but ofcourse he is no Fuma. The Katana is made of gold plated metal and a razorsharp blade. the pommel wich is unusual for a Katana is a golden dragon head with two emeralds in it that give green light when hit with light. The blade it self was polished highly to blind oponents by the sun. The old man was a highly skilled swordsman wich was verry strange for a Nara. Although Ikime knows nothing but basic slashing this weapon might become one of the big adventages Ikime has.