Ieyasu Akimichi
Giant of the Hidden Leaf (木ノ葉隠れの巨人, Konohagakure no Kyojin)
Basic Information
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BirthdayJuly the 8th
Age19 years old
Weight234 lb.
Personal Information

Akimichi Akimichi Clan

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AffiliationDrunken Dogs

Konohagakure Konohagakure

TeamTeam Ieyasu (formerly)
Shinobi RankChūnin
Academy Grad. Age12 years old
Chūnin Prom. Age14 years old
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Hirotada Akimichi (father)
Nature Type
Bug Type
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Unique Traits
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Kunai (cost 2 points, 12 points used): 6 kunai.

Shuriken (cost 1.5 points, 19 points used): 12 shuriken.

Smoke Bomb (cost 3 points each, 12 points used): 4 smoke bombs.

Paper Bomb (cost 4 points each, 16 points used): 4 paper bombs.

Wire String (costs 6 points)

Total: 65/70 points.

Ieyasu Akimichi (秋道家康, Akimichi Ieyasu) is a former shinobi of Konohagakure and member of the Akimichi Clan. His life has been rank with strife for a great deal up until the day he died. After being resurrected, Ieyasu forgot about his life before and has tried his best to keep it that way. In his new life, Ieyasu has become the protégé and successor to the late Gyugii Akimichi.

Background Information

Ieyasu's life began with strife, ever since he was young his parents argued and his mother was abused by his father, Hirotada. This continued through almost all of Ieyasu's childhood. In the times they didn't argue, Ieyasu was trained harshly long before he was in the Academy. Hirotada wanted his son to be the best shinobi of the Leaf, an eternal legacy to bring honor to the Akimichi. Yet, there was some light in these dark times. In the public eye, they always went out on trips and did what they could to be happy. It would never be enough to calm Hirotada's fury, it was never enough. One night Ieyasu's parents were arguing, a common thing, and he was starting to head into the Academy.

While every now and then Hirotada hit Chiyo, this night he beat her black and blue. Her body was broken, mutilated yet still breathing as Hirotada dragged his son into the room. It was then that Hirotada forcefully made his son deal the finishing blow and end his own mother's life to disconnect him from his emotions. In a way this severely backfired in later life as eventually his emotions began to explode and he grew a passionate hatred for his own father.

Throughout his childhood, Ieyasu was conflicted and unsure of where to go in his life. The only friend he had, Keldran Fūma, saw the hero in him, but the world kept breaking him down further and further. Yet, he still tried to struggle against it until the bitter end of his natural life when he fought against an unnaturally powerful monk. After his death, Ieyasu's remains were brought to Ame where he was resurrected.

With no memory of his past life, Ieyasu began his gallavant and wild journey through the shinobi world. After the events of the initial Bingo Book Chronicles, Ieyasu set off his own and went separate ways from Yuudai and Gouda. On his own, he set back off into the territory of the powerful Rise. Once arriving, he informed Estella of Gyugii's passing before leaving and spending some due time with Sonia. Afterward Ieyasu got back into contact with Keru and Asher, joining their mercenary force to make means and a way of living. It has been 8 months since then, and since then Ieyasu's ambitions have only continued to grow.

Died due to the events of Arc 6

Personality & Behavior

Ieyasu is a fairly positive shinobi in his new life, something he picked up very early on from his late friend, Gyugii. While for a time he struggled with his emotions as he did in his past life, from the events of destroying the Land of Iron Ieyasu quickly tamed it. Just like most other shinobi, Ieyasu has no qualms to kill whatever he is needed to kill. Yet, despite this cold-heartedness Ieyasu still grieves over the deaths of friend's and others that stay close to him.

Typically when in battle and needed to kill a great deal of people, Ieyasu typically refers to his victims and opponents as "numbers". Things that are inconsequential to remove from the equation or "reduce to zero."

Even though he is brave and sometimes reckless, Ieyasu still tries to be as careful as he can. He understand the importance of Gyugii's acts and decisions to bring him back, and doesn't want Gyugii's death and wishes to be in vain before commemorating and avenging him however possible. 


Ieyasu is a particularly tall and heavy-set man. While he does have a bit of blubber on him, his features are well-defined and his muscles are still outlined underneath. Ieyasu has fair skin, a generally sharp look about his face, with emerald eyes and dark, brown hair that is in the style of an undercut.

Like before, Ieyasu chooses to wear a large, black jacket that fits well enough on his large frame. Ieyasu tends to keep it unzipped revealing simple T-shirts he likes to wear. The rest of his attire matches for the most part, wearing baggy pants that are cuffed right at his ankles just so he doesn't trip over them. There at the bottom he just wears the same geta he has for years, simple black ones that he's seemed to always have.


Ieyasu is a jōnin-level shinobi, while he still has a ways to go; even the Akimichi Brothers have said to see the potential and strength he has. He is a berserking force on the battlefield, crushing and burning down everything in his path making full use of everything in his arsenal from his unholy strength, his terrifying Akimichi hiden, and his elemental jutsu.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

Ieyasu on his own is known to have an inhuman strength about him, crushing bone and everything else in between. On his own, he was able to carry a fatally wounded Gouda Akimichi which once handed away required 6 others to do the same task. His durability and willpower were such that even as he was dying from the colored food pills' poison he was still able to fight in a long match between a monk using the Seven Heaven Breathing Methods. His speed is nothing remarkable like his own hulking strength, but is still in line with someone of his ability.

His chakra is potent and immense and still growing, so much that he was able to fight almost the entire time during the attack on the Land of Iron and more.


Ieyasu is exceptionally skilled with various forms of ninjutsu. He has a deep knowledge and skill with the Akimichi hiden he has been raised with and intergrates it into almost every part of his fighting. This in combination with his taijutsu often makes him even more destructive than he already is. Ieyasu sometimes takes this a step further by incorporating Earth Release jutsu with this, such as the impregnable Earth Spear technique.

This along with Fire release show a proficiency and skill with various natures which just overall make him into the raging beast he can transform into on the battlefield.

Calorie Control

Ieyasu's skill with the Akimichi hiden is such that he has learned its ultimate technique, Calorie Control. A jutsu which allows the user to consciously control the amount of fat they convert to a severe degree. This allows them immense power without the fatal drawbacks of entering the same state using the Three Colored Pills. Ieyasu uses a variant of this, where he contains a deal of the chakra in his body, drastically enhancing his physical state beyond its naturally tremendous state. From this state he can still use the chakra while also using it to enhance his bodies capabilities.

Other Skills

Ieyasu holds decent profiency with most other standard jutsu he has learned, including his academy jutsu; this level of profiency also extends to his shurikenjutsu which he is decent enough with to throw shuriken and kunai accurately.


Databook Nin Tai Gen Int Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
Jōnin 4 3 2 3 5 3 4 3.5 27







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