Blood Style; Buraddo Sōsa
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Jutsu HistoryEdit

From the first time the Hikari discovered the gift of their bloodline, Blood Manipulation has always been available to them..

Jutsu EffectsEdit

The ability to control blood up to 10ft away from where they stand. You can harden the blood, change its shape, and sometimes in rare cases change its properties. You must cut yourself, or be wounded by another person, for the blood to escape your body. Another way is to build up pressure underneath your skin and explode an entire area, allowing your blood to flow freely out but inflicting major damage to oneself in the process: skilled users (Jounin Level) can minimize the exploding area to the size of a finger-tip sized hole or even smaller.


  • The ability to control blood from your own body, outside of your own body. The manipulated blood is normally controlled as a single mass that can reform and/or split up but doing so requires additional concentration. Hardening blood also requires additional concentration.
  • The ability to move your blood. (Hands have to stay in the Tiger Seal, or they can move along with the movements of blood to make it faster.)


  • Can normally only control it up to 5-10 FT away. Your reach can be extended, but it requires proficiency with the technique that's gained through training and not focussing on skills outside of the blood KG.
  • Shifting concentration onto something else slows down the blood up to a point of reverting it to a formless liquid state.


  • (All wielders of the Blood Style may add this Jutsu to their bio. Even though it doesn't have a specified rank, just like Sharingan, it still takes up a jutsu slot and has to be listed under Ninjutsu on the Shinobi Application page of any Blood Style wielder choosing to use this technique. )

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