Ōdōtai Meshidasu no Jutsu
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The host must be shrouded by his/her Zodiac spirit before he/she can use this technique.

After performing the Ōdōtai Meshidasu no Jutsu, the shroud seperates itself from the host and takes physical form as a chakra creature which has its own intelligence and its own capability to fight alongside the host as a protector and companion. The Zodiac spirit is then able to act of its own volition but if separated too far from its host, it disperses immediately and returns to its host's seal.

Jutsu HistoryEdit

A few years later, the original 12 guardians discovered the ability to manifest their surrounding shrouds into living, independent chakra creatures. Now not only able to compliment their skills with the abilities granted by the shroud but capable to attack on another scale, planning ambushes became simpler and the guardians now held twice the manpower for the future security of their clan.

Jutsu EffectsEdit

The jutsu seperates the Zodiac shroud from the user, allowing the Zodiac Spirit to act own its own. The Zodiac Spirit is usually bound to the user's commands but there are some records and stories that speak about rare cases in which the Spirit was disobedient.


- Accompanying combat companion

- Attack from multiple simultaneous angles

- The single hand seal proves swift enough to unleash at immense speeds


- Stamina consumption

- Range restrictions

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